BEAT ROCKERS is a new beatboxing program debuting this Fall at the Lavelle School for the Blind in the Bronx. Overseen by local NYC beatboxing talent, Taylor McFerrin, Adam Matta and Chesney Snow, as well as surprise guest instructors and musicians, Beat Rockers directly addresses the underserved extracurricular needs of blind and visually impaired students through a fresh, compelling and empowering beatbox music program.

BEAT ROCKERS intends to empower the students through music and the students’ ability to create music on their own, whenever they want, without the need for assistance or equipment. For more info about Beat Rockers, send us an email at nycbeatrockers@gmail.com.

BEAT ROCKERS is one of the programs produced by the new non-profit pending 501(c)3 organization, B.E.A.T. – Bridging Education and Art Together. Find out more information about B.E.A.T. and our programs at www.beatnyc.org.


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  1. harman says:

    hi i am visitng nyc and was very keen on learning to beatbox. i truly appreciate what you’ll are doin for the visually impaired. though God has been kind to me. please let me know if such an arrangement is possible. i’m travelling back to Inida by the 10th of may. thank you.

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