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Week 4 & 5 Classes: Ableton Live Sessions

Taylor brought some of his toys into the classroom this week, and has been showing the kids how to make music on the fly using an innovative music production program called Ableton Live and a midi keyboard. We passed a … Continue reading

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Week 3: Class 3 and 4 Feat. Kenny Muhammad [AUDIO]

This week we had a special guest, Kenny Muhammad “The Human Orchestra,” come into class to share his incredible and unique beatboxing talent and inspiration with the class. His presence opened up a whole new opportunity for these students to … Continue reading

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Beat Rockers showcase at Reform School

Beat Rockers was invited to do a performance showcase at Reform School, an amazing project featuring high-profile art exhibitions, workshops, and parties aimed at driving awareness for educational reform, that took place during the weekend of Oct 22-24th. We invited … Continue reading

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